Our pricing is very competitive

The price you see is the price you'll pay! You will not be smacked with a delivery charge or VAT at checkout (unless you happen to live in a delivery surcharge area).

The more you buy, the less you pay. 

We have discounts on quantity. For example  if you buy 20kg it works out at a 54% discount on your dogs food which per 500grm tray is £1.72 . 

More pricing discounts can be found here 

When feeding raw you must remember this is a natural diet for a dog that will help to improve their quality of life, That in itself is priceless :)

Feeding a species-appropriate diet cuts down on vet visits

You won't be having visits to your vet for any number of diet-related illnesses and most illnesses are as a result of a poor diet. From cancer down to scaly brown teeth, fungal ear infections, or itchy skin. So you're quids in already. 

We run a transparent company, and this is what we pride ourselves on. 

You get a quality product with endless advice and support; so you can feel confident that you are not on your own. There is always someone to advise whether that be looking on the advice section on our website, by phone, email or our Facebook group. 

You're not on your own as you venture forth on your new journey of a long, healthy, life with your happy and contented hound :)


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