Over recent years there has been a big push towards slowing down dogs' eating habits; and rightly so if they are on a dry, boring kibble diet. Dry food gets stuck and results in dogs coughing and choking as it shoots down the wrong pipe. There are different feeders on the market to slow down feeding in order to stop dogs choking. There are bowls on stands for tall dogs, which now has been proven to actually be detrimental to healthy eating. 

Anyway, your dog is now on a perfectly balanced, moist, raw diet and there is no reason why he would choke with moist food. Bolting down food is natural for a dog, that's why there is the phrase "Wolfing it down". 

Dogs, unlike us, do not see their food as a social event to be savored over a bottle of Lambrusco. To dogs, food is fuel to survive or something they can use to communicate their status, their fears or use as a tool of manipulation. 

So please do not worry that he has finished his Bella and Duke food in two seconds flat. It's normal behaviour and it isn't going to do your dog any harm.

Some are worried about their dogs eating bones quickly without chewing properly. We love to give our dogs chews and bones. They are great for learning, teeth and gum cleaning, and toning jaw and neck muscles. If your dog wolfs or gulps his bones down with one snap and it's gone, then it's worth giving him a larger bone to make him work out harder and to make it last longer. Smaller dogs and puppies cope with chicken wings well, and they last longer. Puppies may play with them rather than chew initially. For larger dogs and those with strong jaws; then bigger bones such as a rack of lamb ribs or a chicken carcass will suit better. Or a long lasting chew such as a split antler. Take care to choose the size appropriate for your size and strength of dog. 

If your dog has taken in a whole chicken wing in one gulp- again, don't worry as his stomach acid will soften the bone and it will digest perfectly.

If you feel more comfortable if your dog eats slower then buy a cheap bun tin and put his food in the little dips. Making him work for food it is a great idea.

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