Raw food vs dry kibble.
Dry kibble recipes have protein levels ranging from 29% to 10% and the quality of protein can be pretty poor.  When it says chicken on the label, it could be anything from chicken feathers to chicken feet or muscle meat! It's not clear in the slightest. Secondly, it has been cooked down to a dry dust and by doing so, much of the nutritional value has been depleted. This means that kibble manufacturers have to add in minerals and other man-made vitamins after the cooking process. The protein level includes proteins that derived from plants like soya, potato and peas. 

The percentage of protein found in a raw meal made by Bella and Duke, ranges from 12% to 19% . Meat is not just protein, it contains water 65% to 75% (dependent on cut of meat and and fat content), fat, connective tissue and within those minerals such as zinc and iron. Invaluable vitamins are found in the organs (offal). The bone is built up of collagen (a type of protein) and contains calcium to give the bone strength and flexibility .

The fresh meat, offal and bone are simply minced in the right proportions using great cuts of meat (not the left overs from human manufacturing meat plants) then frozen. All vitamins and minerals and goodness is preserved just as it is .. It's as simple as that. NO adding in vitamins and preservatives or bulking agents and products like potatoes as they do for kibble to give the dust some form and nutritional quality.

What's the point of protein? Protein is needed for overall healthy optimal function, to build and repair our organs, muscles, hair, nails, skin and blood. Protein is the ultimate building blocks of our dogs' body and its got nothing to do with sending either us or our dog nutty, hyperactive or becoming a blood thirsty menace.

Your dog will not have vampire or murderous tendencies after eating meat. Where is the logic or the science to back this up? It will not make your dog more inclined to chase animals either, as much as feeding it tinned or dry food does. 

A dog's drive to chase and hunt is triggered when exposed to the movement of an animal, it's a behavior we can discourage or encourage when we raise our dogs.

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