Research tells us that it's good for us to fast on a regular basis. Our digestive system  generally never gets a break and if it spends all its time digesting, then other systems in our body start to malfunction or function less efficiently. Our bodies need time to repair and process the nutrients effectively, and in order to do this we need to break the feeding cycle and rest our gut to allow the other systems to get a fair crack at what they do best.

This goes for our dog too. It may sound alarming for you to have fasting days every week (ideally for people it has been suggested that we take two days a week). Others suggest that you eat within an 8 hour time frame to give your body time to do things other than digesting for the rest of the 24 hour period. 

So fasting your dog is really going to be of great benefit once a week. It's not as difficult as it first seems. Once you've got over the initial pinging and bouncing for food and gone onto another activity, the time for a meal will have passed and your dog's mind should be focused on other things. However if you feel can't do that and would be taken over by huge feelings of guilt and "My dog won't love me any more" then try squeezing meals into an 8 hour window as much as possible. 

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