Do not be alarmed. Having just switched from a dry kibble diet where, you fed large volumes of food, the amount you now feed will look rather small. 

All  Bella and Duke ingredients are packed full of nutrients, easy for dogs to digest, absorb and utilize. Therefore, smaller amounts are required.

In a dry or tinned processed diet there are many bulking agents that have little or no nutritional value to your dog. They cannot be effectively digested or absorbed by our dogs. Most of it leaves the body only part-digested while still containing nutrients with a huge amount of unusable, waste product.  

With Bella and Duke raw food (unlike highly processed kibble and tinned foods) there are NO fillers such as potato, peas, maize, oats, soya, no added artificial vitamins and minerals. In kibble and tinned foods, when the list of ingredients includes dehydrated poultry protein you have to ask what part of the chicken that comes from. It could be anything from feathers to feet, and not a lot of meat if any. Protein calculations will be also made incorporating the pea, soya and oat ingredients, so actual animal protein, and high class at that, will be negligible. 

You can be rest assured that, at Bella and Duke, we only use the highest quality ingredients, great cuts of meat, bone, offal and seasonal vegetables. No added artificial ingredients as it's all there in the fresh meat offal, fruit and veg.

So,  less is most definitely more and with very little waste!

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