This is bizarre really. Our health professionals are advising us to eat fresh, homemade, non-processed food for our health are they not?

There are vets out there and other canine professionals advocating a highly processed diet containing weird and wonderful additives, questionable protein sources, man-made vitamins and added minerals, and last but not least- packed with carbohydrates.

It's fast food for dogs! Go eat burger and chips every day and see how your health is compromised and how much better you feel when eating a fresh diet compared to a processed one. If you experiment you'll find out.

Vets are not nutritionists, but they should be or at least have a very good understanding of dietary requirements by being given both sides of the story at university from raw food nutritionists rather than just dry food manufacturers. The fact is that these big kibble manufacturers actually sponsor Veterinary University and studies. 

 But how sad is it when nutrition is the basis of all heath and well-being but they do not research further into the subject. Lots of vets now are, we all did and so are you! High Five to raw and nutritional balance. 

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