The body is made up of 20% protein, all animal protein. All of the essential amino acids that our dogs need are in available in meat. The amino acids (proteins) found in plants and any rendered down proteins (such as "meat meal" found in kibble) are difficult for the body to process. They are included to the overall protein level for labelling in dog food; but as far as being beneficial for our dogs, they are pretty useless. 

Now, proteins are known as the "building blocks" for bodies, from bones to muscles to blood cells. With this in mind, if we feed poor quality protein and protein that is difficult for the body to utilise, then the body is going to start to falter. 

Protein is damaged when highly processed (cooked to a dust) and is left with minimal nutritional content. Fresh meat and good cuts of meat and offal contain all those NATURAL lovely proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals that our dogs need for easy digestion and functioning body system (minimal toxins to filter out, that put stress on the system) 

Try putting diesel in a petrol engine !!

Quote from Dr Karen Becker "

"Both soy and corn are included in many popular commercial pet foods because they provide a cheap way for pet food manufacturers to boost the total protein content on the guaranteed analysis printed on the label.

Digestion and assimilation are not measured for pet foods, so manufacturers can include other types of protein that have no biologic value for the species of animal eating it."

These include protein derived from potatoes, peas, oats and so on and so forth.

Take some time to read Dr Becker's article below. Its very enlightening about the types of amino acids (proteins) that are found in both plants and animals and studies that show how essential it is for us to give the right proteins to our dogs to ensure they thrive and not just simply survive.

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