Switching your dog successfully on to a raw diet is not as difficult as you may have been told.

Here is a great podcast by Rowan on Mark about what to expect when you switch https://www.bellaandduke.com/guide/raw-feeding-for-beginners-what-to-watch-out-for-podcast-35/

  1. Keep it simple. straight swap

    We suggest a straight swap. By this we mean, feed your dog their last dry meal the night before, leave it 12 hours and then make the switch to raw food  the following morning. Ensure the food is at room temperature or drizzled with warm water or bone broth.

  2. Should you phase it in?

    You can phase in gradually over a week and this does suit some dogs better. All dependent on the individual and your choice.Ensure the food is at room temperature or drizzled with warm water or bone broth.

  3. Protein allergies/sensitivities

    If your dog has sensitivities to some proteins leave them off your order. Start with a protein they are fine with and continue introducing other proteins gradually.

  4. Heal the gut.

    Bone broth is a great healer and certainly worth using with any dog, especially those with sensitivities or who are unwell.

  5. Start the way you mean to continue

    eep consistent with your approach. If your dog is reluctant or a fussy eater click here for help

  6. What if your dog will not eat it ?

    Some dogs don't like change. Here is a blog to help you move forward. Begin with opportunist method and move to natural feeding when confident. 
  7. More to read here about successfully switching to a raw diet


Benefits of a raw species specific diet

Happy healthy hounds from their inside to their outside. No nasty chemicals.

Detoxing process

When moving from kibble to raw, your dog's body will go through a process called detoxing. The body is eliminating toxic substances that have built up in your dog's system through eating kibble. 

Your dog will become slimmer. Fluid retained to dilute toxins will be expelled. 

Depending on many variables the detox process can last for up to two weeks and in some cases longer, so again, do not be alarmed. 

However, a huge percentage of those transitioning on to a raw diet find that they have very little noticeable detox effects. 

Anal glands may smell as toxins build up her for elimination and will be expelled when the dog poops.

His breath may smell slightly initially. This is due to digestion issues. We suggest adding digestive enzymes to your dogs diet to rectify this.

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