Why does my dog get blocked glands?

  1. If kibble fed the faeces is soft and therefor does not put pressure on the sides of the anus where the glands are to help express them naturally.
  2. The more times they are manually expressed the lazier the muscles become and naturally expressing them become less possible.
  3. The glands may be in the wrong position. 

How to help dogs naturally express anal glands

  1. In working dog and enriched range we have added fiber in the form of carrot and green leaf. For some this is not enough so ....
  2. Add 1 tsp of psyllium hush powder into each meals with a little extra water or bone broth.
  3. This ensures the faeces is wider and so puts pressure on the glands as it passes through.

The function of the anal glands are

  1. To produce a strong scent for marking territory 
  2. To collect toxins and other substances eliminate them from the body, rather like sweat glands.

Here is a super blog written by our very own Functional Nutritionist Rowan Sanderson to help you understand more.


Always seek medical advice from a vet if you have any concerns.

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