1. The choice is yours

    It is entirely your own choice which range you decide to feed your dog. All of our meals are chocked full of nutritious ingredients. Below is help so you can decide which best suits your dog.

  2. Different protein sources within your delivery

    If you wish to delete one or more proteins, then all you have to do is tick them off on your portal or give our Customer Lushness Team a call.

  3. Variety of proteins is recommended

    We do suggest that your dog has as many varieties as possible so sensitivities to one given protein will not occur. You can watch our video about this very topic here:


  4. Bella and Duke meal range

Working Dog

This range is perfect for working dogs and pets who lead  active lives. It has all the natural goodness required to satisfy a healthy happy hound from the inside to the outside. No need to add anything extra unless you wish to.

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This range is perfect for any dog at any age. For those dogs who are creeping into later years, it is particularly wonderful. Our enriched range helps support their health further with a few extra supplements. Brilliant for dogs with inflammation, arthritis and more too. As ever our mission is to match your dogs health span with their life span.

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This range is perfect for those who wish to add in their own choice of oils, herbs, vegetables and berries. Some people love to create their own ideal meal and with our 80:10:10 range, they can do just that. It is perfectly balanced with regards to meat, bone and offal.

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This range contains 5% more protein and as ever, it is balanced phosphorous and calcium for great, steady, healthy growth. Puppy food is our recommendation from weening to 12 to 18 months depending on the size of breed of your dog.

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