All straightforward however do call the office if you need any help. 

  1.  Click to Home Page
  2. Click on GET STARTED

You then have TWO options


Step 1

a) Click on  1 dog or  2 dogs and so on.

Step 2

a)  Fill in details for each dog or puppy.

b)  Enter the weight the dog should be. So if your dog is overweight, key in desired weight. Amount of food per day will be calculated.

OR For a puppy pop their actual weight in. The amount of food will be calculated.
(Do remember to pop new weight in weekly so you can see the amount of food required as they grow. It will change weekly.)

c)  Personalise your box.
This takes you to the page where you can choose the range you wish to receive

Adult dog. Choose Working dog/ 80;10;10 or Enriched
Puppy. Choose Working Dog range. You will receive the puppy equivalent when you click puppy lower down. 

e) Choose amount of food you wish delivered.

f)  Puppy food?  Click ... some, none or all ( dogs up to 12-18 months) How much to feed your puppy?

g)  Exclude proteins
Click the ones you DO NOT wish to receive. Please check the recipes in ranges to ensure the meals you've chosen are free from proteins your dog may be sensitive to.

e) Choose delivery date and add discount code if you have one

f) Press Add to Cart which takes you to:

Step 3

 a) Fill in your address and bank details etc. If you miss anything it comes up red for you to correct.




This takes you straight to step 2 where you order the box sizes and range options.

Once you've placed your order you will then receive a confirmation email where you will get access to your account and can then set up your password. 

From then on you can log into your account and change details as you need. 

You can paws order

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