Intestinal health is disrupted with a poor diet.  

Below are two blogs that explain in more detail. Bone broth can help along with a raw un-processed diet

"Bonny" Bone broth is a great healer

6 Reasons to Use Bonnie Bone Broth

  1. Itchy skin

    Bone broth is perfect when transitioning  away from a kibble or processed diet. It helps heel a leaky gut. One main cause of itchy, scratchy skin.

  2. Ideal for unwell or recovering dogs

    It supports the immune system and promotes great health.

  3.  Fussy eaters

    The aromas released from our special broth entices even the fussiest eater when warmed and drizzled over their Bella and Duke Meal. It will be sure to wet their woofing appetites!

  4. Arthritis and older dogs

     For dog over 4 years old predisposed to arthritis and those with arthritis all benefit from this nutrient rich broth. It rebuilds cartilage for overall bone and joint health,

  5. Puppies

    Supports great bone growth and structure in growing puppies.

  6. Hydration

    Bone broth will keep your pooch hydrated should drinking water be a problem or you feel they are not drinking enough. Pop a spoonful in a small amount of water and off they go.

Bonus Helpful articles for more information on bone broth, health, leaky gut and food intolerance's.

7. Serving and Feeding Amount

  1. The recommended feeding guide is 100ml maximum per day or 3 heaped tablespoons with or without food.
  2. You can’t overdose your pet on bone broth. In most cases, the recommended daily feeding amount would provide a boosting effect should your pet be suffering at that point.
  3. For lazy to moderately active hounds we recommend the amount of 100ml per day is halved to 50ml per day.
  4. For the working dogs out there, we recommend 100ml per day. These dogs are more likely to be using their joints and tendons at a greater impact ratio.

8. Refreezing and Storage

  1. The recommended refrigerated shelf life is 14 days or 6 months frozen 
  2. When you receive your bone broth. Defrost in the fridge 
  3. Decant into ice cube trays. Immediately re freeze.

9. Defrosting your bone broth 

  1. Bone broth has a jelly / fluid texture at warmer temperatures. This comes from the natural gelatine produced from bone and connected cartilage.
  2.  Bone broth returns to a thin watery liquid the warmer it gets. 

10. Spillages, Handling and Cleaning!

  1. Relax, our Bone Broth is a cooked product and possesses no health risk whatsoever when handling and feeding.
  2. Each and every batch is numbered, sampled and sent away for analysis to ensure the quality and contents are free from bacteria.
  3. These results are then passed to the Animal Plant and Health Agency for approval.


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