How often and how much you feed your puppy?

Use our feeding calculator to work out how much food your pup needs.

  1. Weigh your puppy weekly

    Increase the food according to weight gain.

    Put the new weight in your portal and it will automatically update the frequency of delivery and show you the amount of food required.

    The suggested amount is a guide, you may have to feed more or slightly less.

  2. Puppies from 8 to 16 weeks

    We advise to feed them four meals a day. Split their daily quota accordingly.

  3. Puppies moving through adolescence. 16 weeks to 12 months

    We advise to feed them three times a day splitting their daily quota accordingly.

  4.  Moving into adulthood

    From between 12 months to 18 months (dependent on size of dog and your preference) feed twice a day, splitting their daily quota equally between each meal.
  5. Is Your Puppy the correct weight?

    A puppy at an ideal weight should be rounded, you should not be able to see any ribs. A good wobble but not so much that they struggle to be active.

    They expend a huge amount of energy just growing. Ensure they are able to rest also.
  6. When to start feeding adult food

    Keep your puppy on puppy food until at least 12 months old.

    For larger and giant breeds, we would advise to continue on puppy food until 18 months to 2 years of age as they mature later.

  7. What's so different about puppy food?

    Puppy food contains a greater amount of calcium and phosphorus for good strong bone development.

    Puppy food contains 5% more protein than adult food. The building blocks.

    Puppy food is milled twice for those smaller mouths. It is however fine to feed right up to adulthood.

  8. Bones for puppies

    Chose the bone size to fit your puppy size. Un-cooked chicken wings and lamb ribs are great from 12 weeks.

    The bigger the puppy the bigger the bone. They need to chew not swallow whole.

    Bones are great for recreational purposes, brain work, gaining jaw and neck strength. 

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