1.  The risk with raw Uncooked human meats

    Uncooked meat can harbor naturally occurring bacteria which are dangerous to humans.

  2. The risks of raw dog food

    It is exactly the same as raw human food that you store and handle in your kitchen. The difference is that you will cook your food and your dog will eat his/her food raw

  3. Handling raw food at home

    You should make sure that you treat all raw food whether that be for you or your dog, with appropriate precaution in terms of disinfecting surfaces, washing hands and implement

1. Use separate preparation boards for raw meats, cooked meats and vegetables

2. Wash hands and implements after handling raw ingredients with anti-bacterial soaps

3. Keep raw and cooked separate in the fridge in sealed containers.

4. Bacteria & safety when handling animals

When you have handled any animal, what ever food they are eating. Wash you hands. All animals clean themselves by licking and their bottoms being the most bacteria rich place.

Prevent animals from licking your face. If they do wash immediately.

5. Human grade UK sourced meat

At Bella and Duke  all our meat is sourced from BRC Accredited human grade factories in the UK, and all of our fruit and veg is sourced locally

6.  Positive release scheme for Bella and Duke

At Bella and Duke we send batches for testing at the lab and do not send to customers until we have been notified that they are clear of any contamination.

7. If contamination found 

1. We would destroy the whole batch of food.

2.Conduct a decontamination of the plant and enact an investigation to identify the source.

3.To date, we have not encountered this problem.

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