Oh no! You've run out of Bella & Duke and your order isn't due yet!!

Don't panic :)  If you need to move to DIY raw for a day or two, rest assured your dog will be fine. There is an easy solution.

Here are 10 handy tips to help tide you over until your next delivery.

  1. Pop to your Local Butcher

    Ask for any spare off-cuts  such as lamb, beef, chicken, turkey meat. Cut these into appropriately sized chunks or mince in a food processor.

  2.  Buy Mince from the Supermarket

    Lamb, beef,chicken and turkey are widely available.

  3. Use Heart Meat

    A great source of protein too. Remember to cut into bite size chunks or mince.

  4. Raw Meaty Bones

    Lamb ribs or chicken carcasses are a great addition.

  5. Add Small Pieces of Offal

    Kidney and liver are great. Should be maximum of 5% of the meal. Liver is particularly rich, a thumbnail size is ample, any more that that can cause loose stools.

  6. Add in Steamed Vegetables

    Broccoli, green leaf and carrot can be added. Best to add 10% veg to the meal for additional nutrients, pre-biotics and fibre.

  7. Add Some Fruit

    A couple blueberries and raspberries if you have some will be super. Great anti-oxidants

  8. Use Tinned Sardines in Water

     If in sunflower oil, make sure to drain the oil off

  9.  Add Eggs

    Eggs are packed full of great nutrients.  If your dog won’t eat a raw egg, then try lightly scrambling it

  10.  Add Supplements

    A little drop of coconut oil and/or apple cider vinegar is always welcome

*Bonus Suggestion - You can always give them some of your cooked leftover meat if you have a Sunday roast*

Remember, for a healthy dog to have a food break for 24 to 48 hrs is beneficial to health, although some dogs may not see it that way ;) 

Things Not to Feed Your Dog

Sausages, ham, cheese and other foods that have gone through a manufacturing process. 

These foods can be loaded with salt and cereals, which aren't great for dogs to eat.

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