Many people like to use treats for training their dogs and puppies.

Here are some suggestions for you

  1. Home cooked meat

    Unprocessed meats. You can cook chicken breast of thighs ( Remove and bin the bones)

  2. Dry natural treats

    Dried liver, heart and fish skins. Broken up into pieces.

    You can also buy a dehydrator and make your own from lambs liver, fish to chicken breast  

  3. Fruit and Vegetables

    Broccoli stalks

  4. Flash fried Bella and Duke patties

    Flash fry a small portion of their meals into little patties. Pop them in a bag to take with you on your walks and reward your dog with one intermittently.

  5. You can find our natural treats here and add to your order

6. You are the greatest treat of all

Use food treats sparingly. Your dog gets all nutritional requirements through their meals.

Ensure that you are the reason a dog responds, rather than whats is in your pocket.

If you rely too heavily on treats, a dog will begin to respond less to treats over time, especially if it is all you've relied upon.

More explanation in this blog for you about how and when to use treats in training.

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